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Check Out JCPenney’s Gay Pride Tee!

JCPenney has been scoring some major points lately! First, Ellen DeGeneres got a spokesperson gig. Then, they launch THE CUTEST father’s day/catalog pic. And now they release one seriously festive gay pride t-shirt! Target was the first of mainstream retailers to get in to the gay-friendly garb, but the Penney’s latest addition no only screams [...]

Gwen Stefani Designs AWESOME Gay Pride T-Shirts, All Sold At Target!

It’s getting in to Gay Pride season (it’s like Christmas, but wayyy more colorful) and what better way to sport your support than with a clever/well-designed t-shirt. Target may have ticked off the LGBTQ community a while back with their support for politicians that weren’t so gay-friendly, but these t-shirts (some) designed by No Doubt’s [...]

Check out Ray-Ban’s Same-Sex “Never Hide” Advertisement Campaign!

Sure, celebrating same-sex representation in mainstream advertising campaigns seems a little silly — but it’s the small battles that we all should celebrate. Just recently GAP unveiled it’s latest boy-on-boy banner to the public and now sunglasses gurus Ray-Ban show their gay-friendly pride in the new “Never Hide” campaign. The company celebrates it’s 75th birthday [...]

(LISTEN) Jason Mraz’s Gay-Inspired Song “I Won’t Give Up”

If you weren’t already swooning over Jason Mraz’s guitar skills, we’re pretty sure a quick listen to his tune “I Won’t Give Up” (from his new Love Is A Four Letter Word album) will win you over. The song was inspired by his full support for gay equality/marriage.  Nope, he’s not gay — just a [...]

(CONTEST) Gay-Friendly & Eco-Friendly Shopping Totes For Earth Day

Be proud, but not so loud with these green AND gay friendly tongue-and-cheek totes this Earth Day (April 22). Everyday Gays just don’t use plastic bags anymore, guys.  (Side note: If you don’t love the Anderson Cooper/Rachel Maddow totes, you pretty much don’t love anything. Can we get a Neil Patrick Harris order in the [...]

We love Fun. (Of ‘We Are Young” Fame) AND Their Gay-Friendly T-Shirt!

If you haven’t heard Fun. yet (we’d actually be shocked!), then check out some of their fantastic hits like “We Are Young” and “Some Nights Intro“… and then come back to us. (We’ll wait because we know you’ll fall in love with their Queen-meets-The Killers sounds. Are we right?) And if you’re still on the [...]

The Everyday Gay Celebrates Our 1st Birthday!

It’s official: we’re 1-year old! We can’t even begin to tell you how excited we are to celebrate, but first, we want to thank YOU — the readers. All your love and support has meant the world to us! We’re the types that like to celebrate our birthdays all week long. So, as our gift [...]

EGoods: Eating Ice Cream IS Good For You!vBen & Jerry’s “Apple-y Ever After” Ice Cream Supports Same-Sex Marriage!

Ben & Jerry’s never disappoints when it comes to packing some serious flavor in their ice cream varieties, but the dairy geniuses (we call them what they are) have shown their affection for same-sex marriage again (remember Hubby Hubby” back in 2009 when Vermont legalized gay marriage?) with their new flavor: “Apple-y Ever After.” In [...]

Vintage Portraits And Photographs of Real Gay Couples

We can’t think of a better way to share the fun of the holiday than to swoon over vintage photographs of gay couples over the years. It’s just a great visual reminder of no matter accepted or not, same-sex couples still tried to find a way to celebrate their love — remember that — love [...]

E.G’s 14 Days Of Valentine’s Day, Day 6: Give A Cute, Loveable, Relateable Valentine

Don’t wait until the last minute to pick out that one-of-a-kind Valentine’s Day card for your sweetheart. So show some love and pick up one of our favorites gathered from some of our LGBTQ gay-friendly artists. 1. Love Perks, Silas Tom, 4 for $24 2. I Love You Queerly, Wood and Ink, $3.26 3. Will [...]

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