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Watch Guy In Military Propose Marriage To His Boyfriend (VIDEO)

There are two amazing things about the Internet (well, there are more… but we won’t go in to the long-listed dissertation we wrote in college called “Why The Internet Is Everything): 1) Videos like this guy in the military proposing marriage to his boyfriend can be floating around for months, and we can just stumble [...]

Watch A Transgender Man Propose To His Partner Durning White House LGBT Reception!

LGBT peeps are popping the question like crazy (and we love it!). Just recently we swooned over the Boston University A Cappella proposal and now a transgender man proposes to his partner during the LGBT reception at the White House! (Brace yourselves for some major warm and fuzzies.) We were BEYOND excited about the LGBT [...]

Watch The SWEETEST Same-Sex Proposal During Boston University’s A Cappella Concert! (VIDEO)

We’re suckers for grandeur same-sex wedding proposals (can you blame us!). So when this video of Boston University alum Kyle proposing to his partner Tommy swooped across our desks, we had to share it — STAT! Watch Kyle propose to his partner, Tommy, below! It’s so easy to get caught up in the politics of gay [...]

WATCH This Gay Marriage Proposal From Singapore

Okay, so call us hopeless romantics. But you have to admit, there’s something unbelievably uplifting watching everyday gay people confessing their love publicly — there’s especially  a sense of bravery. So, of course, we fell in love with the video of a gay man asking his partner to marry him via signs on a busy [...]

Everyday Gay’s EGood: GetUp! Action For Australia + It’s Time (Video)

Over the holiday weekend, a pretty romantic/beautiful/stunning/AMAZING video went viral in the states sent from from the other side of the world: Australia. GetUp! is “an independent, grass-roots community advocacy organisation giving everyday Australians opportunities to get involved and hold politicians accountable on important issues.” You’re wondering: what does Australia issues have to do with [...]

The Everyday Gay’s Getting Married: Honeymoon for Winos in Sonoma County

As The Everyday Gay wraps up a month devoted to gay weddings, it would be an absolute travesty to ignore one of the perks of all that invested hard-work that goes in to planning the big day– the honeymoon. While many want to escape to tropical heavens or European adventures, some may prefer to enjoy [...]

The Everyday Gay Gets Married: Jackson and Tom’s Rustic-Chic Wedding in Iow

If we had to define a vintage Ralph Lauren inspired wedding, we’d have to go with Jackson and Tom’s rustic-chic event. Picture it: browns, reds, sunflowers, and wide-open spaces. The couple got hitched on at a beautiful historical Iowan relic. It was a perfect landmark for such a momentous occasion. Where was the ceremony and [...]

The Everyday Gay Gets Married: Jason & Robin Delgatto’s Chicago DIY Wedding

A successful wedding should be one heck of party.  No one has succeeded in creating this type of ultimate “down-to-earth” wedding experience like Jason and Robin. The adorable Chicago couple orchestrated an evening entirely devoted to things they love for the people they love.  The Everyday Gay adores the couple’s creative approach to a smaller [...]

The Everyday Gay Wedding Ideas: Inventive Men’s Boutineers

When it comes to flowers, The Everyday Gay has the power to inspire. Going  inventive doesn’t mean breaking the bank. We’ve hunted and gathered a few of our favorite ideas and discovered that with a little crafty patience and an eye for fresh style–whether it’s fresh orchids or handmade origami–your flowers will be a pick [...]

The Everyday Gay Getti’n Hitched: Perfect Gay Wedding Cake Toppers

A true Everyday Gay is all about details. So when it comes to the small things, like cake toppers, we’re all about finding the best that describes the essence of any couple. The Everyday Gay gathers some of the more inventive, personal, and playful wedding cake toppers that truly “take the cake”.   1 “I [...]

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