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The Everyday Gay’s “How I Met My Mister”: Ricardo & Adam

When Ricardo first learned that Adam was an avid swimmer, Ricardo’s fear of water nearly made him drown in nerves. That didn’t stop the fellas from exchanging numbers and, after five years together, this couple’s still swimming in sync. The Everyday Gay loves swim puns, can you tell? How long have you been together? We [...]

How I Met My Mister: Shaun & Matt

(Originally published 8/01/11, The Everyday Gay decided to share the love X 2 with some of our favorite couples! Keep an eye out for some of our old favorites, and new couples will be popping up soon!)Matt and Shaun are two peas in a pod–no seriously, these guys are hilarious and a perfect pair. Seeing [...]

How I Met My Mister Monday: Aaron & Kyle

(Originally published 4/4/11, The Everyday Gay decided to share the love X 2 with some of our favorite couples! Keep an eye out for some of our old favorites, and new couples will be popping up soon!) When Aaron and Kyle met in a small town of Alaska, it was yurt-sitting at first site. Aaron’s [...]

How I Met My Mister: David & Dreu

First came lust, then came toast. David and Dreu’s first date happened to be the first time they met– a late night breakfast. Now, the duo has been sharing the AM meal together for over a decade. Byron, The Everyday Gay Guide, asked the couple their secret to success. Spoiler Alert: It’s double vanity sinks. [...]

How I Met My Mister: Casey & David

After their year commitment, the two have learned how the science of their togetherness  means taking  time to experiment with each other’s likes. What’s the secret formula  for Casey and David’s relationship chemistry? : Serious + Laid Back = True Blood Love. The Everyday Gay Guide, Byron chats with the couple to brush up on [...]

The Everyday Gays’ How I Met My Mister: Barry & Mark

“Believe me, artists do not always get it right the first time. Boyfriends don’t either.” There couldn’t be wiser words about relationships. After seven years together, Barry and Mark must have figured out the art of love . The two Ohioans share their perspective on creating a relationship masterpiece. Where are you from? Originally I [...]

The Everyday Gay’s How I Met My Mister: Jaizon and Ben

When Ben and Jaizon started to “see” each other, it was that old “we’re just friends” tune. Then, Ben saw Jaizon perform live with his band and suddenly they were singing the song of love. Ben– a lover of music– and Jaizon– a maker of music– couldn’t be a better match.  Their advice on a [...]

The Everyday Gay “How I Met My Mister”: Karl & Ryan

When Ryan saw Karl two years before they met, it was woo-ed at first site. The two Wisconsin love-birds have now shared nine years together. What’s their secret to togetherness? Laughter. How long have you been together? It will be nine years in September. Was it love at first site? Ryan noticed Karl two years [...]

The Everyday Gay Celebrates Father’s Day with Patrick and Wade, +2

The Everyday Gay was honored to chit-chat with the two Indianian pops to learn the secret of parenting success: Patience. Patience. PATIENCE. Well, that, and having a great diaper story. Dads: Patrick & Wade Where are you from? San Diego originally, currently live in Indianapolis, IN Bremen, Indiana. Have lived in Indianapolis for over 10 [...]

The Everyday Gay’s How I Met My Mister: Jeremy & Craig

The Everyday Gay loves a good match– in sports and in love. When Jeremy and Craig met a sporting fundraiser, it was Craig’s flattering racing suit and Jeremy’s twinkling eyes that drew this couple together like magnets. Three years later the couple have experienced numerous successes as teammates all the way. How long have you [...]

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