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The Everyday Gay Chats With “Memoirs of a Guncle.”

What started out as a college project for Michael Van Kerckhove’s has slowly involved in to a passion in discovering the many benefits of being a “Guncle” AKA “Gay Uncle.” The humorous, thoughtful and always personal blog, “Memoirs of a Guncle” follows Michael through the eyes of unclehood. The site also works as a guide [...]

EGood Causes: “The Great Baby Show”

Having kids in the gay community isn’t as easy as, um, going au naturale. You’ve only a few options and while most people already know how the cost of raising children can add up quickly — what most don’t know is how much it costs to actually get the child. Adam Belcuore and his partner [...]

The Everyday Gay Goes Camping

Summer is about warm weather and the days when going away to camp meant meeting your new best friends. While there seems to be a camp for everything– band camp, art camp, acting camp–there’s a camp that  The Everyday Gay adores even more– gay camp. While we don’t think segregation from others is always the [...]

The Everyday Gay’s Must-Have Book: “Gay Dads: A Celebration of Fatherhood” by David Strah

The Everyday Gay loves a good family photo album and this coffee table book doesn’t disappoint. Through twenty-five different stories, this book offers even more inspiration that should remind all gays that becoming a father is a possible reality. It has been an honor meeting the father that have shared their stories. Happy Father’s Day [...]

The Everyday Gay Celebrate’s Father’s Day: Lenwood & Allen

When a heart-breaking loss of his partner left Lenwood a single father, nothing has been more rewarding than raising Allen. The Everyday Gay was incredibly inspired by Lenwood’s powerful story on remaining determined and knowing when to ask for help. We also learned that kids can say the darnedest things in elevators. Where are you [...]

The Everyday Gay Celebrates Father’s Day: Brent & Greg +1

When adoption wasn’t working for Brent & Greg, they decided to become dad’s through surrogacy. What have they learned?  Being a dad can be a dirty job. Ask Greg… Where are you from? Dallas Texas Kid(s) Name(s) (and how old): Ryder – 7 days old What inspired you to become a dad? Was it something [...]

The Everyday Gay Celebrates Father’s Day: Rian & Augustine, +2

When two brothers come together from two separate adoptions from two separate previous relationships, it can only equal one thing: the perfect family. There has never been a doubt, for Rian and Augustine, that they were always meant to be dads. When previous relationships brought each dad a son, their new relationship (with each other) [...]

The Everyday Gay Celebrates Father’s Day: Greg & Van, +2

When the idea of becoming a father didn’t seem possible for two gay men, Greg and Van made it possible. Now they’re fathers of two adorable tykes, Antonio and Alex. What have they learned so far? Persistence, seeing through the eyes of children and how to plan an off-the-cuff trip to Palm Springs. Where are [...]

The Everyday Gay Celebrates Father’s Day: Essay, “An Ernie Yes or No”

When do you decide to become a father? Is it the moment you hold your child in your arms for the first time? Is it when you sign the dotted line on adoption papers? Or are you a father the moment you try to decide if you even should be a father? As more and [...]

The Everyday Gay Celebrates Father’s Day with Patrick and Wade, +2

The Everyday Gay was honored to chit-chat with the two Indianian pops to learn the secret of parenting success: Patience. Patience. PATIENCE. Well, that, and having a great diaper story. Dads: Patrick & Wade Where are you from? San Diego originally, currently live in Indianapolis, IN Bremen, Indiana. Have lived in Indianapolis for over 10 [...]

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