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The Everyday Gay’s How I Met My Mister: Jeremy & Craig

The Everyday Gay loves a good match– in sports and in love. When Jeremy and Craig met a sporting fundraiser, it was Craig’s flattering racing suit and Jeremy’s twinkling eyes that drew this couple together like magnets. Three years later the couple have experienced numerous successes as teammates all the way. How long have you [...]

The Everyday Gay Pillow Talk: The Age of Single-ness

The Everyday Gay’s, Tony Thompson, shares his take on dating at any age. When I was 13 years old my mom dropped me and my buddy Doug off to see a movie.  I’m not sure parents can even do that anymore – leave their teenagers unattended for two and half hours – without someone winding [...]

How I Met My Mister Monday: Byron & Nate

When Byron ( a writer) met Nathan ( a Tech Guy at a law firm),  it was Saved By the Bell television show references at first sight. Nathan’s quiet demeanor mixed with Byron’s energetic passion for life makes a great plot for their story. Their passion to travel, quote “The Office”, snuggle with their puppy, [...]

The Everyday Gay Date: Pillow Talk

I’ve never been big on romance in the traditional sense. I find the notion of a candlelit dinner or a romantic stroll on the beach to be trite and too structured. My idea of romance has always been along the lines of someone buying me a beer, letting me eat the last piece of pizza, [...]


I’ve dated a lot.  And in using that term, I mean whole-heartedly, without question, a lot.  I’ve dated daddies, twinks, rockers, bears, hipsters, closet-cases, and possible felons.  A friend of mine used to joke that the Excel spreadsheet that he’d used to keep track of my companions had crashed yet another one of his hard [...]

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