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Watch Guy In Military Propose Marriage To His Boyfriend (VIDEO)

There are two amazing things about the Internet (well, there are more… but we won’t go in to the long-listed dissertation we wrote in college called “Why The Internet Is Everything): 1) Videos like this guy in the military proposing marriage to his boyfriend can be floating around for months, and we can just stumble [...]

Watch A Transgender Man Propose To His Partner Durning White House LGBT Reception!

LGBT peeps are popping the question like crazy (and we love it!). Just recently we swooned over the Boston University A Cappella proposal and now a transgender man proposes to his partner during the LGBT reception at the White House! (Brace yourselves for some major warm and fuzzies.) We were BEYOND excited about the LGBT [...]

Watch The SWEETEST Same-Sex Proposal During Boston University’s A Cappella Concert! (VIDEO)

We’re suckers for¬†grandeur same-sex wedding proposals (can you blame us!). So when this video of Boston University alum Kyle proposing to his partner Tommy swooped across our desks, we had to share it — STAT! Watch Kyle propose to his partner, Tommy, below! It’s so easy to get caught up in the politics of gay [...]

Watch Anderson Cooper Save Puppies, TODAY ONLY!

We already adore Anderson Cooper (for many, many reasons), but the fact that he’s going to be auctioning off some goods and donating all the proceeds to Puppies Behind Bars has us swooning (and, um, woofing). The infamous TV personality has joined forces with Puppies Behind Bars — AKA serious doggy do-gooders –¬† in hopes [...]

WATCH This Gay Marriage Proposal From Singapore

Okay, so call us hopeless romantics. But you have to admit, there’s something unbelievably uplifting watching everyday gay people confessing their love publicly — there’s especially¬† a sense of bravery. So, of course, we fell in love with the video of a gay man asking his partner to marry him via signs on a busy [...]

EG’S FBF’s (Furry Best Friends): Sunglasses and Specs For Your Dog (Nope, We’re Not Kidding)

You woofed, um, asked for it… and we listed: Welcome to our new Pet section! Let’s face it: We know how important pets are to your life, and we also know how many of you adore spoiling them (hey, we’re just as guilty). So, we couldn’t think of a better way to launch the new [...]

EG’S Wants Your Wedding Announcements + Alan Cummings, Issac Mizrahi & Johnny Weir Hitched!

The Everyday Gay wants to share YOUR engagement/wedding story — think of it as if we were the coveted “NY Times’” wedding announcement section (we can dream, right?). If you’re engaged or married tell us your story and we’ll feature it in our “Happily Ever After” section! Send us your tales, here! Until then, enjoy [...]

EGood-DOERS: This Politician WILL Send A Same-Sex Marriage Bill To Washington

If you haven’t come across Governor of Washington Chris Gregoire‘s incredible clip from Think Progress — watch it now. It’s cool, you can leave and come back — because we want you as fully inspired by her powerful announcement as we are. The gist: Gregoire wants equality for all couples for marriage and will do [...]

Cute Gay Couple + Stories Alert! Watch This Equality and Love Short Video Documentary

There’s nothing like real people talking about real love. This short film was a created by students in California State University Beachshort to raise awareness for equality and love. Everyday gay couples, single parents and people chat about what equality means to them and how it’s affected their lives on a daily basis. Brace yourselves: [...]

The Everyday Gay Celebrates Our Best of 2011: Honoring Adrian Dorr and John Mace’s 61 Year Commitment

With all the commotion over same sex marriage, we adore (and admire)jo these two lovebirds’ simple perspective: It’s all about being your partners best friend — and no one can take that away from you. When it comes to finding true inspiration for love and marriage, The Everyday Gay couldn’t think of a better couple [...]

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