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The Everyday Gay’s Best You 2012: Project 1, Get A Cute Calendar!

You may not know this, but The Everyday Gay’s a little obsessed with office/paper products. Whether it’s a killer notebook (with graph paper pages, of course) or a GORGEOUS filing cabinet– organization is our thing. That’s why we’re inspiring you fellow Everyday Gays in starting out 2012 right with unique and inventive calendars that promise [...]

The Everyday Gay Holiday Gift Guide: Kids At Heart

Whether it’s a kid or a kid at heart — they’re going to adore our favorite treasures. 1.Gummy Bear Lamp, Uncommon Goods, $28.00 2. Creative Outlet Stickers, Perpetual Kids, $3.49 3. Etch A Sketch iPhone Case, Think Geek, $24.99 4. Origami Kit, Jonathan Adler, Barnes & Nobles, $8.85

The Everyday Gay Holiday Gift Guide: For The Design Digger

Design hounds will dig our inventive gift guide, trust us. 1. Bucky, Cardboard Safari, $28.00 2. Graffiti Cocktail Shaker, MCA Store, $20.00 3. Montre Post-It Watches, 4. Eggling, 5. Fish Hotel, SFMOMA, $35.00  

The Everyday Gay Goodies: Decorating for Hanukkah, 101

Don’t say “oye” to decorating for Hanukkah this year (We had to go there!). No one says sprucing up the space has to be dull, and that’s why we gathered just a taste of the fun decor. Don’t be a putz and get creative! 1.Happy Hanukkah Cards (6), $14  Brookylyn 2. “Keep Calm And Driedel [...]

EG Goodies: The Everyday Gay’s Holiday Greeting Card Favorites

This season, drop some holiday cheer in the mail the cutest way possible. Sure, snagging drugstore cards quickly finishes the deed, but how about giving your friends and family a little eye candy with some of our favorite small businesses and up-and-coming card designers. We’ve gathered a few (trust us, we have A LOT more) [...]

DIY: Make Your Own Log Candle Holder

The Everyday Gay loves a good handy man/woman. Nothing says pride more than succeeding in a do-it-yourself project. Friends compliment. People ask where you bought it. And all you can do is humbly accept the galore of compliments. Today our DIY  correspondent, Jason Loper, carves out the latest must-have candle accessory that will brighten any [...]

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