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Help Get Ashley Broadway Miltary Spouse Of The Year!

Ashley Broadway has been a proud army spouse to Lieutenant Colonel Heather Mack for 15 years and has been nominated for MSOY’s 2013 Military Spouse of the Year! Not only has Broadway made such an impact as a serving board member on the American Military Partner Association (AMPA), a non-for-profit organization that helps partners and [...]

Watch This Video Of The Cutest Two-Dad + Daughter Family, The McGuire Family

What’s it like to be an everyday gay dad? Check out Christopher McGuire’s family video to get an up-close and personal (and adorable!) narrative of Christopher and his partner Michael along with their daughter Julia. Clips catch the cutest trifecta making pancakes together, shopping at farmer’s markets, and plenty of smiles. Both parents even share [...]

EGood-DOERS: This Politician WILL Send A Same-Sex Marriage Bill To Washington

If you haven’t come across Governor of Washington Chris Gregoire‘s incredible clip from Think Progress — watch it now. It’s cool, you can leave and come back — because we want you as fully inspired by her powerful announcement as we are. The gist: Gregoire wants equality for all couples for marriage and will do [...]

Meet Mollie Thomas: The First Openly Gay Woman Running For Miss California

The Everyday Gay adores people stepping out of their comfort zones to inspire others. And before batting a luscious eyelash at the famous world of pageantry, meet Mollie Thomas: the first openly gay woman running for the Miss California spot. Thomas has always had her heart in philanthropy and her latest devotion to the crown [...]

The Everyday Gay Celebrates Our Best of 2011: Meeting THE BEEKMAN BOYS!!!

What can we say, these dudes are our idols! This past year we got to chat with urban gone country guys about what it’s like raising an llama and gardening. What’s even more exciting: 2012 brings even more with the Beekman Boys — stay tuned to find out more! When The Fabulous Beekman Boys aren’t [...]

The Everyday Gay Celebrates Our Best of 2011: Honoring Adrian Dorr and John Mace’s 61 Year Commitment

With all the commotion over same sex marriage, we adore (and admire)jo these two lovebirds’ simple perspective: It’s all about being your partners best friend — and no one can take that away from you. When it comes to finding true inspiration for love and marriage, The Everyday Gay couldn’t think of a better couple [...]

The Everyday Gay Celebrates Our Best of 2011: Meeting “Drunk Kitchen’s” Hannah Hart!

It was an absolute honor to snag an interview with this HILARIOUS YouTube sensation; we’re still buzzing from it. We don’t know whether to do a jig of joy for the fact that we got to chat with one of the latest youtube sensations or the fact that our favorite YouTube sensation admitted that she’s [...]

The Everyday Gay’s EGood Causes: We Are Halsted

When Chicago comedian/producer/writer Adam Guerino noticed an injustice against homeless in his community, he turned to what he knew best: entertainment. Guerino created “We Are Halsted,” a variety show fundraising series that raises much needed funds for LGBTG homeless youth. His most recent event raised money for The Crib — a shelter in Chicago that [...]

Everyday Gay’s EGoods: The Devotion Project

‘Tis the season to embrace those warm and fuzzies. While watching “It’s A Wonderful Life” is a no brainer, we’re getting our hearts melted by another cinematic venture: The Devotion Project. The site is devoted to short documentaries that chronicle LGBT couples with the ongoing commitment to tell the tales of same sex couples that [...]

Everyday Gay’s EGood: GetUp! Action For Australia + It’s Time (Video)

Over the holiday weekend, a pretty romantic/beautiful/stunning/AMAZING video went viral in the states sent from from the other side of the world: Australia. GetUp! is “an independent, grass-roots community advocacy organisation giving everyday Australians opportunities to get involved and hold politicians accountable on important issues.” You’re wondering: what does Australia issues have to do with [...]

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