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We LOVE CB2′s “Accept And Be” LGBT Pride Posters!

If you haven’t heard of artist Matthew Lew (get on that, STAT!), he’s one of our favorite print designers and THE greatest addition to Crate and Barrel’s modern CB2 design line. The Chicago artists wows us on the regular with his beautifully crafted images, but right now we’re living for his stunning/colorful/powerful “Accept And Be” [...]

Wrestler Hudson Taylor’s An “Athlete Ally” For LGBTQ!

Let’s face it: The sports world can be tough for the LGBTQ community, and that’s why Hudson Taylor (sorry, (gay) guys, he’s straight!) founded Athlete Ally. The organization was inspired by Taylor’s own high school experience where humor in the locker room went too far — often offending if not bullying the LGBTQ community. His [...]

EGood Charities: Lady Gaga & Oprah Launch Born This Way Foundation For Youth

Lady Gaga has officially launched her Born This Way Foundation, and she’s paired up with the world’s most powerful woman to make it happen — Oprah. What started as a small movement via Twitter has turned in to a full-fledged organization (also in part with Gaga’s mom, Cynthia Germanotta) devoted to creating a safe place [...]

L Project’s, “It Does Get Better” Song Donates Proceeds To LGBT Youth Charities!

Dan Savage’s It Gets Better Project may visually inspire hope for LGBT youth, but The L Project‘s latest tune “It Does Get Better” is the soundtrack for optimism. The UK based power group of talented lesbian musicians banded together to record “a song which will help raise awareness and money for charities that work to [...]

EGoods: “The Trevor Project” Has an Awesome (Inspirational!) Tumblr!

Tumblr sites are already pretty awesome in their own right (have you seen The Everyday Gay’s Founder Byron Flitsch’s yet?), but take an outgoing, inspirational organization like the “The Trevor Project” and add their positivity in post form and you get a blog entirely devoted to daily doses of happy. We’re hooked. Whether it’s charming [...]

One of EG’s Fav “IT Gets Better” Videos: Simon Doonan!

The very first time we met Simon Doonan (yes, it happened and we STILL can’t believe that he hugged us!), we felt like instant pals. The author (his new book “Gay Men Don’t Get Fat” is out!),  Barney’s artistic director and Jonathan Adler‘s hubby just has that personality that welcomes you. His charismatics reflects perfectly [...]

Everyday Gay’s EGood: GetUp! Action For Australia + It’s Time (Video)

Over the holiday weekend, a pretty romantic/beautiful/stunning/AMAZING video went viral in the states sent from from the other side of the world: Australia. GetUp! is “an independent, grass-roots community advocacy organisation giving everyday Australians opportunities to get involved and hold politicians accountable on important issues.” You’re wondering: what does Australia issues have to do with [...]

EGOOD Charity: The Ben Cohen Stand Up Foundation

“When we stand up together, we stand up a bit taller.” You know how we have a love for anti-bullying organizations. Just a few months a go we featured Stand Together, a charity that asks supporters to photograph themselves with an assigned number to prove they’re part of an army that fights bullying and teen [...]

EGood Causes: “The Great Baby Show”

Having kids in the gay community isn’t as easy as, um, going au naturale. You’ve only a few options and while most people already know how the cost of raising children can add up quickly — what most don’t know is how much it costs to actually get the child. Adam Belcuore and his partner [...]

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