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Step Aside Barilla, Here Are Five Other Pastas Gays Can Feel Good About Eating.

OK, first, set the whole “gays don’t eat carbs” myth aside (It’s a HUGE myth, people!) and let’s talk about other pre-made pasta brands us gays can “safely” wrap around their forks now that the very popular pasta company, Barilla, announced it’s anti-LGBT stance. Unless you’re in to making your own homemade pasta. In that [...]

Celebrate the 4th Of July by Watching Steve Grand’s, Emotional Music Video For ‘All-American Boy’ (VIDEO)

Sure, there’s fireworks, hotdogs, beer, pool parties, and a gazillion other things to celebrate this year’s Independence Day, but we’re taking a moment to also honor Steve Grand‘s incredibly brave music video for his country/pop tune, “All-American Boy.” The gay singer not only introduced a lyrically heart-breaking tale not often seen in country music, but [...]

Watch The Gayest (And COOLEST) Stop Motion Music Video For ‘Everyone Is Gay’ By A Great Big World (VIDEO)

Two things immediately caught our attention: Stop motion animation AND, well, the fact that this song is being dubbed “the gayest song” ever. The thing is as playful as the “Everyone Is Gay” tune and video is, the message is pretty awesome: Everyone should just be what they are meant to be — gay, straight, [...]

This Is What Coming Out Should Be Like From Now On.

We love a good coming out story (Ones that have happy, supportive endings), and this coming out tale/ letter from a dad to his gay son is one of our new favorites. As seen in the photo, the dad’s letter recognizes the importance of the moment, but insists he’s always known (and, instead, concentrates more [...]

Help Get Ashley Broadway Miltary Spouse Of The Year!

Ashley Broadway has been a proud army spouse to Lieutenant Colonel Heather Mack for 15 years and has been nominated for MSOY’s 2013 Military Spouse of the Year! Not only has Broadway made such an impact as a serving board member on the American Military Partner Association (AMPA), a non-for-profit organization that helps partners and [...]

Meet Richard Blanco: The First Openly Gay Poet To Perform For A President’s Inauguration!

Meet Richard Blanco. He’s from Cuba, lived in Spain and is a US citizen. The City of a Hundred Fires writer is also a gay poet who happens to be reading a piece for President Obama’s inauguration event. Not only is he the first openly gay poet to complete such an epic task, he’s also [...]

Help This NYC LGBT Homeless Youth Center Devastated By Hurricane Sandy (DONATE!)

Hurricane Sandy has left behind a devastating after math on the east coast, and Ali Forney Center in New York City. The non-for-profit center helps protect gahy lesbian and transgender youth either kicked out of their homes or homeless. The center was severely damaged by Sandy (the center was located blocks away the now-overflowing Hudson [...]

Why I Believe My Gay Partner SHOULD NOT Give Up His Eagle Scout Status (ESSAY)

I’ll never forget the moment when I heard the most beautiful words EVER to escape my partner’s lips: “I’m an Eagle Scout.” Nate and I were on our first date where each of us shared our own life stories over margaritas and candlelight. I was already falling for the guy, but it was salt on [...]

Watch LGBT Solders March In Uniform For First Time At San Diego’s Gay Pride! (VIDEO)

Allowing LGBT solders to wear their uniforms in the San Diego Gay Pride parade is a military first and a huge deal for the progression of gay rights! Check out this incredibly motivating video of the solders marching in the parade. We’re so proud to be witnessing another gigantic step that demolishes the stifling from [...]

Check Out Movie Trailers From The CNKY Scene Film Festival (SEE THEM THIS WEEKEND)!

This weekend marks the very first LGBTQ film festival in Cincinnati, and we’ve got all the trailers in once place so you can start picking your must-sees! Scope them out, plan on which are you must sees and remember to buy your ticket to the event NOW — it’s hosted by Meredith Baxter! + Check [...]

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