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Wrestler Hudson Taylor’s An “Athlete Ally” For LGBTQ!

Let’s face it: The sports world can be tough for the LGBTQ community, and that’s why Hudson Taylor (sorry, (gay) guys, he’s straight!) founded Athlete Ally. The organization was inspired by Taylor’s own high school experience where humor in the locker room went too far — often offending if not bullying the LGBTQ community. His goal was to create a place where athletes, coaches, parents, and anyone involved in sports would band together to create a safe haven for everyone involved in the sports world — gay or straight — and to be an “Athlete Ally.”

Who’s an Athlete Ally:

“An Athlete Ally is any person — regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity — who takes a stand against homophobia and transphobia in sports and brings the message of respect, inclusion and equality to their athletic community. Athlete Allies include competitive and recreational athletes as well as coaches, parents, teachers, league officials, sports fans, other sports participants and advocates.”

Currently, the organization has a pledge to sign where one — no matter your sexual orientation — can promise to respect and welcome all peoples in to the sport.  You can also shop (we’re digging the custom baseball jersey) and follow their blog to become an active participant. So play the game ’cause haters always finish last, guys. (Photo credits: Athlete Ally’s Facebook)

+ Don’t forget to sign the Athlete Ally pledge and watch Hudson Taylor talk about the project below!


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