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We Salute Our LGBT Forces With Our Favorite Gay Armed Forces Photos In Honor Of Memorial Day

Memorial Day is meant to be spent honoring those that have fought for our freedoms in the armed forces. So we decided to thank ALL our soldiers (past and present) but especially our LGBT members the best way we know how: Sharing our favorite military pictures of LGBT couples. You have our entire admiration in the palm of your hands. With respect and utmost love from The Everyday Gay and thank you for serving our country. Follow The Everyday Gay on Facebook and Twitter!



(Credit: Gay Marines Facebook)










(Credit: F Yeah, Queer Vintage)











(Credit: Joe Dyer,














(Credit: Brian J. Clark,AP Photo/The Virginian-Pilot)













(Credit: F Yeah, Queer Vintage)

EXTRA: Watch this video about a lesbian couple in the armed forces.




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