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We love Fun. (Of ‘We Are Young” Fame) AND Their Gay-Friendly T-Shirt!

If you haven’t heard Fun. yet (we’d actually be shocked!), then check out some of their fantastic hits like “We Are Young” and “Some Nights Intro“… and then come back to us. (We’ll wait because we know you’ll fall in love with their Queen-meets-The Killers sounds. Are we right?)

And if you’re still on the fence of being a Fun. fan, we’re pretty sure their extremely gay-friendly T-shirt will seal the deal. The Brooklyn-based band show their love for the LGBTQ community by including shirt in their tour garb along with the clever message: “It’s all fun. and gay ’til someone loses their rights. LGBTQ Equality Now”

And if you’re STILL not sure your going to be a friend of Fun. (what WILL it take?!) the band is donating 100% of the proceeds to Revel and Riot to help promote LGBTQ rights! But, really, even if they’re not “your sound,” the t-shirt sings some pretty deserving praises.

+ Buy Your Fun. LGBTQ T-shirt today!


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