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Watch Macklemore And Ryan Lewis Most Beautiful Gay Wedding Video For ‘Same Love’ (VIDEO)

Take a second and picture an average LGTB person’s story being told in beautiful images and set to a brutally honest soundtrack that raps the tale of dealing with injustice all your life. Need an example? Take Macklemore and Ryan Lewis’ stunning music video for their tune, “Same Love.”

The “Same Love” music video tells a story of a boy who battles with insecurities and doubts of being gay only to learn that he’s always known who he was, others were just trying to prove him wrong. Clips catch the sweet, harsh, difficult and beautiful moments of a gay mans journey for acceptance and love, then ends with the most perfect wedding scene we think we’ve ever seen. It’s like watching our own life’s photo albums come to life.

+ Check out Macklemore And Ryan Lewis’ “Same Love” below!


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