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WATCH: Gay Man’s Heartbreaking Tribute To His Partner In ‘It Could Happen To You’ (And Why Equal Gay Rights MUST Happen)

We’re not going to lie: This video had our eyes watering at the immediate sound of violins and the stunning pictures put together by Shane Crone in his “It Could Happen To You.” The clip captures a beautiful relationship between Crone and his partner Tom Bridegroom, but makes a terrible turn when we soon learn about Bridegroom’s untimely death. If losing a loved one isn’t hard enough, Bridegrooms parents (who were admittedly against homosexuality) destroys what closure Crone has left by uninviting him to Bridegroom’s funeral, taking all belongings that belonged to their song and eliminating him from Crone’s life all together –all because there are no legal rights for same sex relationships.

The video leads us down a heartbreaking, unsettling reminder of why marriage equality and human rights are a struggle worth fighting for. Please, show your love and support and visit A Tom Bridegroom fan page has been initiated at Facebook and you can also check Shane Crone’s fight on EqualLoveEqualRights Facebook page. Follow The Everyday Gay on Facebook and Twitter!

+ Watch the video below… and remember to NEVER take for granted what you have. Ever.




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