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Watch A Transgender Man Propose To His Partner Durning White House LGBT Reception!

LGBT peeps are popping the question like crazy (and we love it!). Just recently we swooned over the Boston University A Cappella proposal and now a transgender man proposes to his partner during the LGBT reception at the White House! (Brace yourselves for some major warm and fuzzies.)

We were BEYOND excited about the LGBT Pride White House Reception that brought a variety of mainstream gays, organizations and more — but it’s this moment that stole the evening (watch at the 1:55 mark). Congrats to the couple! We can’t think of a better place to create such a monumental memory!

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+ Here’s the video’s summary (and watch the video below!):

“Dr. Scout from the Network for LGBT Health Equity takes a little time while at the Obama 2012 LGBT Pride Reception at the White House to propose to his longtime sweetie, Liz Margolies of the National LGBT Cancer Network. After what seemed like years thinking it over, she accepts! Matty Hart does the videography. All 500 or so people in attendance provide the congratulations.”


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