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WATCH: A Lesbian Couple’s Tale Of Why DOMA Must End In ‘Freedom To Serve, Freedom To Marry” (VIDEO)

If the heartbreaking “It Could Happen To You” video didn’t get you thinking about gay marriage and the importance of taking a legal stance, then we’re pretty sure “Freedom To Serve, Freedom To Marry” will have you up in arms (and sobbing). The video tale tells a story of a lesbian couple (Monica and Naomi) via animated Facebook postings and photos — one of the women also happens to be in the army. We follow the timeline of the couple through their meeting, dating, engagement, and… well, we don’t want to ruin the ending. Be warned: it’s a BYOT (Bring Your Own Tissue), chilling moment.

While we tend to avoid politics here at The Everyday Gay, it scares us to the death that our own lives are in the hands of what others see fit — especially with DOMA issues. We won’t get to high on our soapbox, but it’s time to make some changes — let’s start start by visiting and showing our support. Follow The Everyday Gay on Facebook and Twitter!

+Watch “Freedom To Serve, Freedom To Marry” video below.


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