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Gwen Stefani Designs AWESOME Gay Pride T-Shirts, All Sold At Target!

It’s getting in to Gay Pride season (it’s like Christmas, but wayyy more colorful) and what better way to sport your support than with a clever/well-designed t-shirt. Target may have ticked off the LGBTQ community a while back with their support for politicians that weren’t so gay-friendly, but these t-shirts (some) designed by No Doubt’s Gwen Stefani are slowly rebuilding that bridge and healing their admitted mistake.

We give kudos to Target for stepping up to the plate in the fashion department in general (have you guys seen the new Miami-based collection, Webster Boutique, they’re carrying now — awesome!), but major kudos to Gwen and the gain for reminding us that Pride ensembles can be fashionable and affordable ($12.99 doesn’t break the bank!) at the same time. Mostly, it’s just nice to know that a local chain store supports their LGBT shoppers by donating 100% of proceeds to the Family Equality Council!  (Follow The Everyday Gay on Facebook and Twitter!)

+ Check out the gay-friendly tees!



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