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Gay Superheroes WILL Actually Save The Day (Thanks, DC Comics!)

Let’s face it: He-Man was one hell of a hunk. In my nine-year-old fantasy of sword fighting and bad-guy-defeating mentality, the muscled bro seemed to be THE PERFECT idol (aside from his tragic haircut). See, I wasn’t the kind of kid that was obsessed with all things superheroes (truth be told, I was more of a crayons, notebooks, (ahem) “Barbies with the neighbor girls” kind of kid), but there was something always awe-inspiring about superheroes. They were good people (or creatures) wanting to help people. They were instant idols. They were compassionate. They knew what they were put on Earth to do. And it was the confidence of superheroes that always intrigued me. Captain Planet never got bummed when Hoggish Greedly teased him for being a hippie. The Teenage Mutant Ninja turtles never wept under their bedsheets when they were made fun of for being “different” by bad guy Splinter. Even old school heroes — Batman, Spider-Man, Wonder Woman — exuded qualities I wanted and needed as a kid being teased for being “different” (AKA gay). These fictional beings were sometimes better friends to me than my classmates.

DC Comics recently announced that they will be creating gay superhero characters (and even “switching” old characters to be gay) in upcoming projects. While I’m positive this will unleash TONS of fear and questioning from parents and fans of the comic chain, I can’t help but feel nine again… this time nine with a whole new perspective on the future. Sure, when you’re young, a superhero’s sexuality isn’t as important as his/her super power and sidekick (and, apparently, haircut). But as a kid who always knew he was gay, I have a feeling having a gay superhero idol (when I really needed it most) would have allowed me to hone in on my very one superpowers hiding inside of me… especially in those tough, bullied times in life — the superpower of self-confidence. Follow The Everyday Gay on Facebook and Twitter!

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