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Gadget Gay: Check out Apple’s New Gay Emoticons in ISO6!

The Everyday Gay’s “Gadget Gay” scours the web for the best technology advice/goods that will make any Everyday Gay’s life just a bit easier.

Sometimes I like to send Emoji text puzzles to my partner and make him guess what I am trying to say (yah, we’re that couple). The Emoji keyboard for Apple’s iphone is one of the little known features of iOS.  It allows you to text fun picture icons to other iOS users (like back in the AOL Instant Messenger days!). Everyone has it now, but the next version of Apple’s iOS will feature same-sex couples.  This will really help our cryptic (and adorable) messages make sense! We’re just excited to see Apple taking this sort of initiative — let’s hope Milton Bradley’s “Life” game starts taking notes.

Here’s how to enable the Emoji keyboard:

Go to Settings>General>Keyboard>International Keyboards>Add New Keyboard…>Emoji
This will add a Globe icon to your keyboard.  Press that key to see the various Emoji tabs of pictures.


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