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Fiona Apple Writes Gay Teen A Letter Of Support, We Fall In Love With Her More!

Fiona Apple may have a new album dropping soon (which we are properly freaking out about), but she’s making bigger noise when she wrote a HAND WRITTEN LETTER (that seems to be a bigger deal these days — more so than emails, right?) to a gay teen named Bill. The teen (at the time, now he’s 26-years old) handed Fiona his own note at a concert in 2000 which asked her: “Could you say some nice stuff about gay people?” Instead of just shooting a quick note (or ignoring it all together), Fiona wrote a long, supportive letter (Have you seen some of her album titles? This doesn’t surprise us at all!).

Bill shares the letter on his tumblr, “I Was Born Free,” and it’s absolutely beautiful. It offers encouragement, support and it’s written has poetically as many of her lyrics. How about reading it for yourself! Side note: While we can’t wait for her new music, we’re pretty much content (for just a while) to have read this. (Follow The Everyday Gay on Facebook and Twitter!) (Photo credit: Fiona Apple’s Facebook)



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