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EG’S FBF’s (Furry Best Friends): Sunglasses and Specs For Your Dog (Nope, We’re Not Kidding)

You woofed, um, asked for it… and we listed: Welcome to our new Pet section! Let’s face it: We know how important pets are to your life, and we also know how many of you adore spoiling them (hey, we’re just as guilty). So, we couldn’t think of a better way to launch the new section than with introducing you to Warby Barkers specs and sunglasses for pups! Yup, it’s for real.

The eyeglass gurus at Warby Parker really know what pooches are seeking, and it’s stylish eye-wear. Frames are limited edition, vintage inspired AND (best part) are chew resistance. While we’re not sure how you find out if you dog needs optical lenses — they’re available, too! (Side note: We’re LOVING the ad’s photography).

Sure, they’re pricey (starting at about  $145!), but can we all just take a second to imagine pups in shades? Your pooch with be the prettiest/punk-rockest at the park. (image credit: Warbly Barker) Follow The Everyday Gay on Facebook and Twitter!

+ Shop for pup shades at Warby Barker!


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