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EGoods: Read A Mom’s Loving Letter About Her Transgender Child

Being a parent is THE ultimate (and most admirable) job that we can think of doing. It’s also the most challenging and especially when things don’t go quite as planned. For Leslie Lagerstrom having her daughter was one of the greatest moments of her life, but something was different, though — she soon learned that her daughter was meant to be a son.

In her incredibly powerful letter shared with Children’s Hosptial Research Center in Oakland “Notes & Words” Facebook Page (also, check out the work is doing!), Leslie writes about her experience of being a mom of a transgender child. Not only was the struggle a learning lesson about identity for Leslie, the experience was a powerful look at the confidence it takes to be a transgendered person no matter what age.

Here’s a quick excerpt of the letter:

“I’m not right,” my eight year-old child with the old soul explains, as to why our weathered mailbox sits empty. Another classmate’s birthday party on the horizon, we wait anxiously for the invitation that never comes. Simple yet profound, the words slice through my flesh, piercing a hole in my heart, the pain more than I can bear. Pain I have come to know all too well, raising a transgender child.”

We thank Leslie for sharing her personal story, but mostly applaud her for being an supportive parent (how a parent always should be!) — no matter where we are in our lives, we all can learn something from this type of devotion and honesty.

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