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Check out Ray-Ban’s Same-Sex “Never Hide” Advertisement Campaign!

Sure, celebrating same-sex representation in mainstream advertising campaigns seems a little silly — but it’s the small battles that we all should celebrate. Just recently GAP unveiled it’s latest boy-on-boy banner to the public and now sunglasses gurus Ray-Ban show their gay-friendly pride in the new “Never Hide” campaign.

The company celebrates it’s 75th birthday loud and proud with a montage of vintage-like photos of models stepping out the crowd and being themselves — but our favorites are the two bold images that portray two guys holding hands and another where a man is dipping another man in the street. Each photo also includes the clever caption, “Never Hide.”

We’ve been looking for a new pair of shades this summer, and it officially looks like we know where to start. (Image credit: Follow The Everyday Gay on Facebook and Twitter!

+ Check out the Ray-Ban “Never Hide” advertisement campaign.



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