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Check Out Born This Way Foundation’s School Supplies, Office Max Donates 25% Of Profits To Foundation!

Confession: Buying school supplies was pretty much our favorite time of the year. There’s nothing like gearing up for success while picking out Lisa Frank notebooks and brand new packs of #2s. But Office Max just made the whole experience a whole lot more meaningful when they paired up with The Born This Way Foundation — Lady Gaga’s new project that focuses on creating a community that strives to be kind and good to all people — no matter what the differences.

A limited collection of markers, papers, and collectors items are available that sport the “Born This Way” mentality and 25% of proceeds will go to the foundation itself. There’s nothing better than spending money (that you probably were already planning on spending!) to benefit for a safer more friendlier school year.

Start you school supply shopping here!


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