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From the Editors

A Letter From The Everyday Gay Founder, Byron Flitsch

Celebrating our 1-year Birthday all week long has been pretty darn great. Not just because it was fun to relive some of our favorite posts/moments/interviews, but also because it gave us time to reflect on what we’re really accomplishing.

I don’t think you guys (our readers) know what you’re really doing when you support and follow The Everyday Gay. Sure, you’re learning about good gays doing good things (and how to do them yourself)– but you know what else you’re doing? By being a part of The Everyday Gay, you’re making a decision to put some of your energy in to a good cause.

About two years ago, my partner and I experienced a devastating loss of a young gay friend. While I hadn’t known him very long, my partner had been family friends with his family and the loss was a wake-up call. We officially made it our job show love through the everyday in everything we do. And while I didn’t know the teen very long, his life and death made a big enough impact on me to inspire me to want to share the powerful/inspiring/loving/motivating/emotional things of life so EVERYONE in our community can realize that their life is also great — even if it’s not so great at this very moment. I think of our teen friend every single day and miss him so much — this publication is dedicated to him.

Mostly, our one year has introduced us to some incredible people doing great things for the world — gay and straight. I can’t even begin to thank everyone who’s given time to this start-up publication. I am honored to be part of the positive side that our community needs when there is so much anger and disillusionment coming at us from every direction. We’re in this together — never, ever forget that.

Happy Birthday, The Everyday Gay.
Byron Flitsch, Founder of The Everyday Gay.


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