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10 Awesome Gay/Lesbian-Themed Mainstream Advertisements We Love!

In honor of June being Gay Pride Month, The Everyday Gay celebrates by gathering up some of our fave gay/lesbian ads! We’ve come (out) a long way and nothing says success and pride more than being featured in these mainstream company’s advertisements! Happy Pride Month and enjoy some of these awesome images! (Editor’s Note:¬† We’re aware (and don’t agree with!) that many images only portray Caucasian models (this is a whole different¬† advertising conversation to have). It was INCREDIBLY hard to find mainstream advertisements portraying different ethnic/race gay and lesbians. If any readers have images to share that sport this, PLEASE send them over — we’d really love to see/share them!)

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1. Ikea













2. Ray-Ban













3.) Embassy Suites Hotel




























4. Kenneth Cole
















5. Chevrolet































7. Tylenol























8. Crate & Barrel













9. JCPenney












10. Diesel


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