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The Everyday Gay Celebrates Our Best of 2011: Meeting “Drunk Kitchen’s” Hannah Hart!

It was an absolute honor to snag an interview with this HILARIOUS YouTube sensation; we’re still buzzing from it.

We don’t know whether to do a jig of joy for the fact that we got to chat with one of the latest youtube sensations or the fact that our favorite YouTube sensation admitted that she’s an Everyday Gay fan. It doesn’t matter, we’re just going to do a jig. Wait, you haven’t heard of Hannah Hart? Well, brace yourselves for pure improv joy.

The story goes a little something like this: The New Yorker was just catching up with a pal over video chat. She found a bottle of wine and POOF a video to a friend has now turned in to an internet phenomenon– Drunk Kitchen. D.K is what people really want to see on The Food Network. The premise: Hart pops open a bottle of booze and tries (key word is “tries”, here) to teach watchers some cooking 101 while progressively becoming more and more intoxicated. What sounds like a bad family dinner is actually entertaining– Hart has a background in sketch comedy, improv and just being damn funny. Quite recently, Hart ‘came out’ after recent interviews (she’s been interviewed by TIME, HUFFINGTON POST, AFTERELLEN and CBS!! SERIOUSLY!!) and has become The Everyday Gay’s fav youtube gay.

The Everyday Gay Guide, Byron, chatted with Hart about cheese, booze, and a good buzz.

The Everyday Gay: We’ve got to say, the first time we saw your “How to Make Grilled Cheese” drunk video, we fell in love. First, what’s your favorite cheese. Second, what inspired your idea to create how-to videos while buzzed?

Hannah Hart: 1) My favorite cheese is anything stinky or smoked. The stranger the better! I like to live on the wildside.  2) It was quite simple really, I was apartment-sitting for my sister and video-chatting with a friend, then I found a bottle of “free wine” (which my sister likes to remind me, “was not free, just not paid for by you”) and made a silly video for my friend. I posted it to YouTube to share with her and then….BLAMMO! Here we are.

E.G: Are you really buzzed?
H.H: Of course!  Real liquor, real improv. That’s the motto of the show…in my head.

E.G: Where do you see these videos taking you in the future? We are kind of hoping a Food Network show?
H.H: Haha, well, as I have very little knowledge of food or  food culture, I don’t know how a Food Network show would work. However, I would love for this to open the door for me to enter into the realm of comedy, acting, or having someone check out my written works.

E.G: You live in NYC, right? What’s your daily life like?
H.H: Pretty standard for a recent transplant: I get up, go to work, surf the web, come home, go to sleep. On my days off I like to go to cafes and read, and take long walks listening to my iPod. I spend a lot of my time checking out free/live events too.  I’m just trying to find a crew who loves to Karaoke as much as I do, really.

E.G: You recently came out to your watchers in an interview, that’s when we really fell in love. You are kind of a “gay idol”, well, to us. What’s it like ‘coming out’ to an audience. Is that something you ever thought about?
H.H: You know, I only really “came out” in life over the last year or so. I wanted to make sure that I came out to my family before ever pursuing something creative. And after years of homophobia and shame, I wasn’t really worried about coming out to my audience, because there was nothing they could throw at me that I hadn’t already told myself. Mainly, I want to live this life as the person I truly am. Being a closet-case entertainer doesn’t sound honest or true and thus, it doesn’t appeal to me.

Anyway, the response has been OVERWHELMINGLY positive! It’s wonderful. I get really heartfelt e-mails asking for advice, offering support, or just sharing their thoughts and feelings. I love it.

E.G: So, The Everyday Gay is all about being the best gay you can be. Any words of inspiration or advice for our readers?
H.H: Accept yourself and support your team captain (meaning you). I find that the worst thing a gay person can do is deny themselves their own identity. This doesn’t mean you have to be the brightest flame at the party, it just means feel comfortable in your own skin. That will help you be a good listener and a good companion.

Catch more of her videos on Hart’s site:
AND Follow her on twitter!

Here’s one of favorites:



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